Metrocart Kenya Limited is a leading engineering company offering you solutions in renewable energy, security systems and HVAC(heating ventilation and air conditioning) We design, supply, install, commission and maintain these solutions which are tailor made to your specific needs.
We have so far installed over 5 megawatts (MW) of solar power across the country with and over 10,000 liters in installed capacity for solar water heating. our proven solar solutions diversify the energy portfolio and reduce the risk of fuel-price volatility while delivering a levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) that is cost competitive with fossil fuels today.
By integrating technologies and expertise across the entire solar value chain, MetroCart delivers energy solutions that maximize the value of our customer's investment while minimizing their risk

Action: Three Counties, One Goal

Solar Panels are the critical component in any solar systems installation and solar power generation. MetroCart supplies and installs high quality solar panels in Kenya and East African region's remote sites lacking grid power and places having grid power.
When subjected to light, solar panels produce electrical energy. Solar systems provide the benefits of energy independence, the ability to regenerate power with little or no maintenance costs.

  • Our Solar Power Generating System generate electricity that have the capability to run your home, farm and business.
  • Our high-performance solar modules are designed in Europe for optimal yield and return-on-investment. The use of European production knowledge and carefully selected components are the foundation for a top quality solar module.


Our Off-Grid PV Modules are divided into 2 groups:

  • 20Wp to 150Wp which can be directly connected to a 12V battery system system.
  • 160Wp to 200Wp which provides sufficient voltage to directly charge a 24V battery system.
  • Objectives: Delivering Quality Power Across East Africa

    The country is currently generating less than one per cent of its power from solar energy, but has a number of installation under construction that could increase its sun-powered renewable energy capacity in coming years.

    MetroCart develops, invests in, and operates distributed renewable power generation projects that bring reliable and low-cost power to rural communities in East Africa. Our rural utility projects currently in development include small hydro, biomass, and solar PV generation between 1 MW and 10 MW installed capacity. We jointly develop projects with our local partners and communities to bring electrification and sustainable economic growth to rural communities currently not effectively served by national utilities.

    Our projects are designed to bring reliable, unlimited, uninterrupted, and low-cost electricity to first-time and existing power consumers living in both rural and urban areas.

    Reasons Why You Should Use Solar Power:

    • Solar Power Is Good for the Environment: - Solar power is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. There’s nothing about solar power that pollutes mother nature. Solar power doesn’t release any greenhouse gasses, and except for needing a source of clean water to function, it uses absolutely no other resources. Hence, it’s safe and environmentally-friendly.
    • Solar Electricity Makes Your Home Go Off-the-Grid: - Solar electricity prices serve as a great example of why there should be an increase in the use of solar energy.
    • Solar Power Can Use Underutilised Land: - Across countries, there are vast land that are far away from big cities or capitals, and are not used for anything at all. With solar power, we can actually make use of the land and subsequently generate great value; solar energy provides a source of power for everyone. In this way, we don’t need to use high priced land that might be better suited for other applications.
    • Solar Power Causes Less Electricity Loss: - Electricity needs to be transported from big power plants to end-consumers via extensive networks. Long distance transmissions equal power losses. Ever wondered what are solar panels used for? They’re on your roof to get energy from the sun. Rooftop solar power is helpful in increasing electricity efficiency, considering the short distance. Your energy becomes domestic and as a result you’re in control of your own bills and energy usage. Furthermore, solar power systems are durable, thus chances of service interruption are reduced.
    • Solar Power Is A Free Source of Energy: - The sun provides us with more energy than we could ever use, and no one can monopolize the sunlight. Your solar power system will start saving money from the moment it’s turned on, however, the advantages of solar power are best visible in the long-term. We cannot exhaust the benefits of Solar Power as a Source of Power. The advantages goes on and on..

    Photovoltaic Modules

    In 1 day the earth receives enough radiation from the sun to cover our global energy consumption for a full year. So let’s use it!

    Our high-performance solar modules are designed by our Partners for optimal yield and return-on-investment.

    Off Grid Modules

    Our Off-Grid PV Modules are divided into 2 groups:

  • 13Wp to 140Wp which can be directly connected to a 12V battery system
  • 200Wp which provides sufficient voltage to directly charge a 24V battery system
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